Finally, the spring is here! The sun is dropping from the sky,  the air is smelling a stunning mixture of flowers, and birds are singing Vivaldi. So taking advantage of the nice weather, I and my boyfriend decided to shake off our winter tiredness and have a weekend getaway in Tübingen. It was such a lovely Saturday, so I wanted to share with you as well! We had perfect timing: the punting trips on Neckar have been started, and also there was “Kultur Nact (Culture Night)”, which is an annual event in the second week of May. Different concerts and dance shows are presented at various corners of the town. I strongly recommend you to see this event next time. Take me back to last Saturday, please!

Tübingen is a small authentic town with historical buildings, tiny stone streets, stunning parks, and beautiful Neckar river passing through its heart. Thanks to the famous University of Tübingen, the town has a young and energetic population.

How to go?

Tübingen can be easily reached by train from Stuttgart or other nearby cities. If you are traveling inside Baden Württenberg, you can buy a Baden Württenberg ticket. One person is 21 Euro, and an additional person is only 9 Euro for unlimited trips in a day. You can use public transport in Tübingen also using this ticket. However, the town is so small, that you can walk everywhere.

What to do?

  1. Punting trip on Neckar river: If the weather is nice, you should definitely go punting trip on Neckar river. The trip starts from the Eberhardsbrücke (Neckar Bridge). It costs only 7 Euros for 1-hour tour. You can just sit and enjoy the beauty of Neckar river, the surrounding historical buildings, and the park.
  2. Platanenalle: The plane tree alley of Tubingen is located in Neckar island next to the river. You can walk through these long trees, breath the clean air to your lungs, and relax.
  3. Old Town: You can walk through the historical stone streets, feel the soul of the medieval buildings. Don’t forget to see Rathaus, Holderlinturm, Cistercian Monastery, Hohenzollern Castle, and farmers market. When you feel tired, you can drink a coffee in Marktplatz, and enjoy the scene.
  4. Botanical Garden: Although the botanical garden is not different from a standard park, you can have a nice and relaxing walk.

Where to eat?

If you are very hungry and want to taste best selections of German cuisine, you should definitely try NeckarMüller. It has both Beer Garden- where you can have some snacks and enjoy German beer- or restaurant. The portions are very fulfilling and the food is certainly delicious. As a bonus, you have a beautiful view of Neckar river.

For small snacks, coffee, or ice cream, I suggest the cafes in Marktplatz or its nearby streets. They have such an authentic soul that you feel yourself in a history book.

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