Effect of Remote Masking on Tactile Perception of Electrovibration (Sep 2017- April 2018)

Masking has been used to study the human perception of tactile stimuli, including those created on haptic touchscreens. Earlier studies have investigated the effect of in-site masking on the tactile perception of electrovibration. In this study, we investigate whether it is possible to change detection threshold of electrovibration at the fingertip of index finger via remote masking, i.e. by applying a (mechanical) vibrotactile stimulus on the proximal phalanx of the same finger.

Keywords: surface haptics, remote masking, tactile masking, electroadhesion

People: Milad Jamalzadeh (Koc University), Prof. Dr. Burak Guclu (Bogazici University), Dr. Yasemin Vardar (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems), Prof. Dr. Cagatay Basdogan (Koc University)


  • Milad Jamalzadeh, Burak Güçlü, Yasemin Vardar, Cagatay Basdogan. Effect of Remote Masking on Detection of Electrovibration, IEEE World Haptics Conference 2019

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