Reproduction of realistic textures on electrostatic friction modulation displays (Jun 2015 – Jan 2019)

In this project, we investigated different methods to reproduce real surfaces on friction modulation displays. We modulated the friction force between a fingertip and the display using electrostatic forces. We investigated both data-based (record and play) and model-based (generate groove and ridges) techniques. We also tested the realism of the generated virtual textures via psychophysical experiments.

Keywords: texture, electrovibration, electrostatic friction modulation displays, realistic

People: Dr. Yasemin Vardar (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and Koç University), Aykut Isleyen (Koç University), Tamara Fiedler (Technical University of Munich), Matti Strese (Technical University of Munich), Prof. Dr. Eckehard Steinbach (Technical University of Munich), Cagatay Basdogan (Koç University)


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